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Post-Process Services

UV Printing, Laser Cutting, Pad Printing, CNC, and More!


UV Printing

UV printing is a digital printing technology that allows you to print on different surfaces such as plastic, metal, paper stocks, and even golf balls. It uses ultraviolet light to cure the uv inks during the printing process. This curing process takes almost instantly, making it fast and your end product ready to go. It works best on flat surfaces but, unlike other printing methods, it can print on non-flat surfaces such as balls, mugs, and even wood.

Legacy makes it easy for you to print your designs on a variety of surfaces for all of your business needs. We print on cardstock, canvas, golf balls, tumblers, artboards, posters, plastic and more.

Laser Cutting/Engraving

Our Precision Co2 Laser machine is able to accurately cut out shapes to the customers specifications provided. There are endless applications to which this laser cutting technology can be applied. We are also able to engrave items such as logos or part numbers on laser cut parts. While specializing in Plastics we are able to cut and engrave other substrates as well.

Laser engraved items are the perfect way for your business to add a personalized touch to glass awards, metal plaques, picture frames, promotional products and more. The process of laser engraving creates a sharp, crystal clear image. From promotional products like metal pens and awards to electrical warning labels, we can provide you with custom laser engraved items of all kinds and make your items shine!


Pad Printing

Our pad printing services can add your company logo, lettering, numbering, instructional graphics, or any other design you may need to the surface of your plastic injection molded parts.

The true technological excellence in our pad printing processes comes from our specialized inks. The quick-drying formula of our pad printing ink is designed to adhere perfectly to most any plastic substrate to which it is applied, without smearing, running, or dripping. The quality of our pad printing is second to none.

Other Post-Process Services

Anodizing / Polishing /
Powder coating

Anodizing is one of the most common finishing options, offering strong corrosion protection and enhancing the overall appearance of metal parts.

CNC Mill/Lathe

Legacy offers precision CNC services like machining, routing, milling, cutting & custom services for various materials such as acrylic, plastic, metals, wood and more in our facility in Phoenix, AZ.

Assembly and Packaging

No two companies have the same requirements. Let’s create a turnkey kitting and fulfillment plan to fit your specific packaging and distribution needs.

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