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About Us

Legacy Molding was founded in 2020 by Brent Hanke, Christian Joseph and Jim Hanke.  Christian and Brent started their entrepreneurship ventures in 2017 developing and selling their own plastic parts; this is when it became clear that there was a gap in the industry between customers and suppliers.


Our options were limited to working with corporations who only care about their bottom line and small to medium sized molding shops that lack the customer service and dependability that we have become accustomed to in the present day.  As neither option became a viable solution we decided to move our molding in house and invited a few of our professional colleagues to join us.  


Leaning into Jim Hanke's 40 years of molding experience and the innovation that comes with a start up we started Legacy molding and operate on a few core principles;


  • Responsibility to be better for our partners. 

  • Customer Service

  • Quality

With these core principles at the top of our minds we have been able to find success by going above and beyond for our partners. 

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