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Legacy Molding is ready to take your project from idea to reality

Let us walk you through the process


Have an idea that you are finally ready to bring to life? This is where it begins.


Product Development

The first step of the process begins with creating a 3D model of your idea.

Simplifying complex steps in the product development cycle so that you can focus on turning more ideas into reality. Utilize our engineering team to optimize your designs for manufacturing. Get help with 3D models, prototypes, and performing mechanical analysis. Receive 3D model renderings and a conceptual product baseline for marketing.

Our team works with you to develop and baseline your engineering criteria, allowing us to create functional 3D models for your needs.

Needing a working prototype? With our combined industry experience and our in-house industrial 3D printing capability, we can deliver a fully integrated prototype.

3D Printing and Prototyping

After a 3D model is created for your part, we can then move to prototyping with our 3D printer farm.

For strong, accurate parts FDM is an ideal 3D printing processes for your applications. This process is great for quick prototyping and manufacturing. 

Our FDM capabilities combine large build volumes with specialized materials, allowing you to produce a wide range of functional parts.

From small fixtures to large aerospace prototypes, there is a 3D printer and material to fit your project's specific needs.



At this stage in the project, your idea is now ready to be mass produced.


Precision Mold Making

After your prototype is perfected, we can now move to creating your molding tool for mass production.

Our precision mold making services are provided by highly skilled injection mold makers who know the importance of designing a mold to fit the application perfectly. The success of a molded product relies greatly on the precision of the mold being used, which is why our customers come to us with their mold design needs.

From single cavitation, prototype, to tight tolerance and multiple cavitations molds,  we have the expertise to create the perfect mold for every job, every time!

Injection Molding

After your tool is created we can now begin to produce your product at a mass production scale.

At Legacy Molding we specialize in injection molding.  We have a range of machines with a clamping force as low as 25 up to 167 tons. 

We utilize statistical analysis to drive process improvements. Stable processes allow for less variance and lower scrap rates. Taking a scientific approach ensures that your parts are done right the first time.

Machine Side.png


This is where we can help take your idea from a piece of plastic to a

finished product.


Custom Jigs and Fixtures

At Legacy Molding we use jigs, fixtures and manufacturing aids to provide an accurate, repeatable and interchangeable manufacturing process whilst reducing production time and human error.

Jigs and fixtures are vital for optimizing manufacturing processes, and benefits include:

  • Reducing scrap material

  • Improving accuracy and repeatability of processes

  • Increasing productivity

UV Printing

UV printing is a digital printing technology that allows us to print on a range of hard surfaces such as plastic or metal. It uses ultraviolet light to cure the UV inks during the printing process. This curing process takes almost instantly, making it fast and your end product ready to go. 

Legacy Molding makes it easy for you to print your designs on your molded products.  Unlike traditional imprint methods like pad printing there is no need for custom tooling, allowing you to run minimums as low as 1 unit!  


Laser Cutting/Engraving

Our Precision Co2 Laser's are able to accurately cut and engrave to the customers specifications provided. There are endless applications to which this technology can be applied.

  •  Engrave items such as logos or part numbers on finished goods 

  • Build fixtures and jigs

  • Accurately cut runners on molded parts for clean and precise finishes 



Pad Printing

Our pad printing services can add your company logo, lettering, numbering, instructional graphics, or any other design you may need to the surface of your parts.

Pad Printing is a great method for single color large runs.  At Legacy Molding we can go straight from molding to pad printing in order to save you time and money. 


Assembly and Packaging

We can package a wide variety of products; no project is too big or too small.  At every step, we apply the same rigorous focus on quality to our packaging operations as we do for our manufacturing services.  With our in house printers we can produce:

  • Custom Labels

  • Card inserts

  • Flyers

  • And much more!

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